The fact that Durafil-PVA has become a name synonumous with consistent product quality owes more to its ability to translate its passion for quality to everything it does.

Durafil-PVA has also set a unique track record for itself by winning and retaining the confidence of all its customers, especially in Europe, America and Asia.

As part of its quest for perfection, Durafil-PVA has internalized TQM and TPM and has been accredited ISO 9001-2000 by BVQI.

Furthermore, all Durafil-PVA products are subject to the most stringent quality control measures at every stage from raw materials to the end product.

Durafil-PVA’s quality measures have also won it a certification from TESTEX, Switzerland, declaring its products free from harmful substances according to the OKO-TEX standard 100.